Sunday, February 23, 2014

You know you have too much on your plate when...

You get the time wrong for the Girl Scout cookie booth sale (and you're the troop leader AND you have all the cookies!)

We had a sale scheduled at 12 today and I thought it was at 3. I was still in my pajamas when my troop called at 12:15! I threw some clothes on, loaded up the van and rushed over.

I know it's not an excuse, but it's been a very very long week.

Saturday Scooter was sick with a cold and fever. Sunday was worse and I was worried about the flu (even though we all got flu shots it's scary this year). After a call to the doctor's office we went off to Urgent Care (since their office was closed Monday also). Double ear infections and laryngitis later and we were at home. But with a negative flu test!

Monday and Tuesday she would play for awhile and then be a lump for awhile... you all know what the lump stage is with sick kids! And the lump only wanted to lay on Mommy. By Wednesday hubby and I were sick too and Scooter was a lump all day. And her fever wouldn't quit.

The doctor had us come back in (to double check for flu and check for pneumonia). Luckily she was clear of both, but he thinks we have an adenovirus (of course one with a 10-12 day course of nastiness). By Thursday we were all sick.

By Thursday night I was so miserable that I gave myself 1 goal each day (get a load of laundry done, load the dishwasher, etc). Seriously that was all I could manage in any given day. Yesterday I was still a lump, then this morning I got to sleep in (finally) and was starting to feel a bit better.

Except I forgot what time our sale was scheduled...

What have you messed up recently? Please tell me you've done something so that I don't feel so lame!

Thinking of a happier place!