Monday, August 20, 2012

Craft closet organizing (and opening Pandora's wall!)

A few weeks ago we finally got around to making the front closet into a proper craft closet (where we can actually FIND the items we need for a craft!)

This is what came out of the closet (and sadly that's about what it looked like while inside). Hubby started ripping out the wood that held the poles (there were several in there) and he found this behind a board and shoved into the wall.

Surprise surprise! Not only was it working (hubby checked it with the electrical tester), but it was the only 3 prong outlet that came with the house that was wired correctly and grounded correctly!

We decided to change out the light to an LED can light since hubby was rewiring the outlet, and that's when we discovered that this outlet was the evil tree from Fern Gully (or Pandora's box, whichever you prefer!) Hubby cut himself reasonably badly cutting the drywall. Then, after patching him up and cleaning up I tripped over a tricycle while bringing tools back out to the garage and broke my toe! This stupid outlet is going to be the death of us!

Outlet changed out and light switch added... no more pulling a chain above my head!!

Walls textured, holes filled, 2 coats of paint, shelves and organizer boxes makes this now our beautiful craft closet!

Sorry, I didn't clean out the cubbies on the back of the door before I took the picture, so they look kind of junky still. But now everything has a home, is labeled and easy to find. I LOVE it!

One weekend's work, a couple reasonably evil injuries and $100 in supplies (we already had the shelf pieces from another closet) and we have a gorgeous usable craft closet that the kids can actually find what they need... and put them back afterwards! Now craft time is fun again!

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  1. Wow, I love the way you organized things with the storage totes. I have much spring cleaning to do along with organizing my life. Thanks for the tip.