Monday, December 17, 2012

Esio Hot & Cold Beverage Dispenser Review

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a very exciting new product... the Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System. This is an awesome system that lets you instantly make both hot and cold drinks, in one machine!

The Esio has a large water reservoir (almost a gallon) that refills the 1/2 gallon tanks that hold hot and cold water. That way you always have hot and cold water ready for whatever beverage you desire!

Just open the little door,

drop in the flavor of your choice,

You don't even have to open it or do anything to it (except for the first time, when you remove the seal). Drop it in, close the door, select the strength of your beverage, and whether you want hot or cold water.

You can turn the dial and select whatever strength you want (instead of a couple strength options you have 15!)

Hold the blue button for cold (similar to a soda machine) for however much you want. For hot, they have a safety lock. Push in the dial and the red button will light up, and then you can dispense a hot drink. The hot water is HOT (much much warmer than my unnamed coffee-by-the-cup-maker) and the cold water is pretty cold (not ice cold but much cooler than tap water).

Esio makes a HUGE variety of flavors. We received the ones shown below, and several of them were very popular with our family. My kids are already clamoring for more of their favorites, and to try other flavors. Many of these flavors are 0 calories or 10 calories per serving!

Because it's a Multiserve E-Pack, each pouch contains approximately 14 8oz cups (on the middle strength). In our experience, we run the juices at about 25% strength, but the coffees and teas need to be at max (I think we like our hot drinks strong!) It breaks down to only $0.36-$0.46 per serving. Plus, because of the technology, there's no taste crossover between your beverages.

Esio is currently available at select Walmart stores (in my area, only 1 of the 3 closest Walmarts to me carries it), and on This machine retails for $199.99, and considering all the options it has and the flavors available, it's a good deal. You can always have any drink you want at your fingertips... think of all the space you'll save in the fridge!

Disclosure: I received the Esio and E-Packs shown above as part of a promotional program with MomSelect in order to facilitate this review. I received no other compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.


  1. What a neat idea! I could see this being handy in my brother's large family, especially during holiday gatherings!

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