Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My little girl is growing up!

Little Miss had her first "official" play date today. I say official because she's had many before, but they were with my friends' kids. This was the first one where SHE chose the friend, not me.

Luckily for me the other mom and I get along fabulously (and her big bro is in Bok Boy's class), so I anticipate many more play dates in the future!

It's weird for me to be making new friends, as I haven't made more than acquaintances in years (since I stopped working). All I can hope is that this will be the first of many (or at least a few!)

How about you? Do you have a hard time making new friends? Is it becoming more difficult as your life has changed? I've noticed I don't have much in common with folks without kids anymore (except for a love of board games, which is a whole different ballgame!)

Sorry for the rambling... I've gotten used to talking to grownups again so I suddenly have a lot to say!


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