Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Okay, I'm home and want to climb on to the couch and not move until tomorrow!

Today has been an awfully eventful day. Took Bok Boy to school, came home and fed myself and Little Miss breakfast. Went to leave for Little Miss' playdate (see post below), to find out I have a flat tire. Fun fun! Tire has had a slow leak for awhile but apparently became a fast leak last night. Reinflated tire (thank you to my Uncle for the emergency auto kits he's always giving me for Christmas) and then went to the playdate.

Picked up Bok Boy from school (after separating two tearful girls who did not want to leave each other). Drove very carefully to tire store and had front two tires replaced. (And MAN are tires expensive!) Drove home with our new happy tires and had a quick snack (4pm by now and baby-to-be was bouncing in me for lack of food!). Practiced piano with Bok Boy and left again by 4:30 in order to get to piano lessons.

Finally home after 6pm and I don't want to do anything! Mommy needs a timeout!

Going to my happy place....

Anybody coming with me?


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