Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bare Bottom Dilemma...

So we've been having problems with our 20-month old's naps (yes, it HAS been that long since I posted, sorry guys!) When I go in to get her up from her naps I find this...

Yes, that's her empty diaper (which means there's a toddler with a bare bottom in the crib also), which often means changing all the bedding after she's wet the bed!

The problem here is that this happens off and on, so we never know how to plan for it. She'll go several days where she takes it off every naptime/bedtime and then weeks where she doesn't do it at all.

So what do we do? Yes, I know supervision will keep her from taking off her diaper, but she won't go down to sleep if I'm in the room (and I do keep her from removing it the rest of the day).

We've turned her diaper around backwards. It works, although she's more likely to leak since diapers aren't meant to be worn backwards. Plus it chafes. Plus sometimes she does still slide out of them. She's wiggly like that.

We've bought plastic training diaper covers. They work reasonably well, although the smallest size I can find is a 2T, which is huge on her. She hates the crinkling and walks around like a sumo wrestler (it's hilarious though!). Again she can still remove them.

Both of those ideas DO currently work, although who knows how long they will continue to work?

What's left? Duct tape? I know it's supposed to work well but the idea of duct taping my toddler into her diapers doesn't sit well with me, although I do know people who have done it.

So what do I do? We're working on potty training but she's not all that interested at the moment.

Any ideas folks?

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  1. There are no ideas to thwart the ingenuity of a determined toddler. My son just turned two and although he is receptive to the potty, he is not quite willing to be trained. He has decided however, that he doesn't like his diaper anymore. I have been dealing with the wet bed sheets also because the tantrums about the diaper will go on FOREVER and I cave to make it stop (My son is a champion tantrum thrower). He will run from me at the first diaper change in the morning. Recently though, I've just had a slight glimmer of hope because when he knows he has to go he begs me to put the diaper on. This is one of the signs that he could be ready for the potty soon so I am hopeful. The only thing I can suggest is that if she is a sound sleeper to sneak it on her while she sleeps.

    I have done that. If my boy is tired then you could give him a lobotomy without anesthesia and he wont wake up. I was also able to trick him for a while with the pull ups by telling him that they were just like Daddy's...Good Luck!