Monday, May 14, 2012

My morning so far...

So far, I've had a nice, quiet morning (yeah right, when does that happen when you have 3 kids??) I got the older ones up for school and dropped them off, did a load of dishes, skipped my morning walk (my friend that I walk with and I are both not feeling well today), watched 2 episodes of Special Agent Oso, played dolls, colored, spun around, made breakfast, and read books.

Lots and lots of books, at least 3 times each! The little one has learned our number one rule of reading: If you bring one of us a book, we will stop what we are doing and read to you. Besides reading a lot ourselves, this is an awesome way to encourage kids to be interested in reading. However, it does sometimes get old, especially when your toddler only loves 4 or 5 books! I'm sure every parent out there has been there before. For now I just enjoy reading those books and hope that she adds a few new ones to spice it up!

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  1. I agree that reading to kids is so important! I love that my 14 month old knows which way the pages turn and how he will babble as he looks at the pictures, trying to retell the story I am sure! He also has a few favorites but thankfully, my older children love to read to him too. I am so glad to know that my Monday's are similar to others. :o)