Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween is here... 2 parties down and only one more to go!

I love Halloween and have tons of fun with it, but I'm so ready for it to be over this year! So far I've thrown a party for my Girl Scouts and a Halloween dinner party for some friends. Tomorrow is the class parties at school, then trick or treating, then we're done!

But for now, this is what I've made in the past week:

A pumpkin cake

With an orange and purple swirly center...

Moostaches to wear if you don't have a costume (and to eat too!)

Brain dips for snacking

Monster eyeballs

Shrunken heads in apple cider

A heart for dipping your apples into.

Ghosts (and Boos) for decorating

Glue ghosts (make a glue ghost on parchment paper and let dry, then peel paper off)

Jello brain (of course, we have to have a Jello brain!)
 Pumpkin tangerines

Apple slices with holiday cutouts

Ghost jugs (lasts longer than pumpkins and recyclable when you're done!)

'Eye of newt' soup

Human body for dinner (before ribs were added and as served)

What great ideas did you have for Halloween? Please share and give me ideas for next year!

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  1. wow such greats ideas! congratulations! your imagination is big