Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What happens in Vegas...

Makes for VERY vivid dreams!

Hubby and I escaped to Vegas this past weekend for our anniversary, and we had a BLAST!

But ever since we got on the plane home I've been dreaming crazy stuff. On the flight home I crashed out (which I've never ever done before... I may snooze on a plane but I've never slept the whole flight or slept through the flight attendants serving beverages!) I was dreaming about driving down the freeway at normal speed and coming up on totally stopped traffic. As I was slamming on the brakes in my head the plane landed, and I almost woke up screaming! It took me a good long time to calm down after that.

That same night I was dreaming I was in a Top Chef-style cooking competition (I know hehe!) and the other contestants were belittling me for my skills. I actually woke up crying! REAL tears, all because my feelings got hurt in a dream.

There have been several others since then... I don't know if it's because all of the fakeness in Vegas that it makes my dreams seem more real, or what?

Any ideas? And no, there were no drugs or anything hinky involved. Maybe Penn & Teller hypnotized me during their show?


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