Friday, February 6, 2009

Fear of the Teen Years is instilled in me at a very early age

After picking up my daughter from daycare today (which is supposed to give me a couple hours of "me" time once a week, but instead lets me run errands and clean house), we're driving along quietly and suddenly my daughter says "Jackson knows how to kiss". Right about then I couldn't say a word... I couldn't even think! My brain was stuttering and all I could think was "You're 3!!!"

After a large gray streak instantly appeared in my hair and my heart beat until it just about burst my ribs, I finally realized... I looked at my daughter in the rear-view mirror and said "Is Jackson a baby?" She looked at me like "duh mom!" and I realized that a couple of simple words from a small child can shave several years off your life!

What the heck am I going to do once she's old enough for the kisser (or kissee) to not be a baby? I think I'm going to have to agree with my husband and put bars on all the windows!


  1. Hi Sonya, thank you for visiting my blog and congratulations on your foray into the world of blogging. It's a fascinating and fun place. I know you will meet tons of Mommys just like you. Have a super great day. ~ Lynn

  2. i'm a working mom and grandmother-great prize i hope to win it