Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to combine rollercoasters, learning, and love of animals!

Just before school started, hubby and I took Bok Boy and Little Miss to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA. (although to those of us that have lived here forever, it's Marine World!)

We learned tons of amazing facts about animals (both kids have been reading books like crazy and having me look up info on the internet about animals since then.) When I was young, they pretty much only had animals and a few kiddie rides, but now even the kiddie rides have gotten fancy! There's at least 3 large areas of kid rides, including roller coasters. For the first time ever, Little Miss was able to ride a coaster! She was thrilled and has been strutting her stuff like a big girl.

Just a small sampling of what we saw:

A Camel wandering through the park

Little Miss staring at the Shark Exhibit

We saw just how far an elephant's trunk stretches

...and how trusting her trainer is

and Bok Boy got to feed her a banana!

We saw Orcas jumping

...and playing

...and tigers diving,


and drinking a bottle!

and gorgeous butterflies fluttering.

Next time you're heading to an amusement park, see if you can find one that has interesting and educational things! We all love the rides, but animals can teach us so much about the world. This way you can do both in one day (and give your stomach a break in between roller coaster rides!)

What's your favorite theme/amusement park and why?


  1. Wow I envy the fun you and the kids had.

    These pictures look really amazing, I love the tiger swimming :)

    You shoudl share some of these with the bizymoms Vallejo community

  2. Great photos! I lived in Northern California growing up and still think of it as Marine World. Or rather Marine World Africa USA. LOL. I haven't been there since before they added the rides.

    As for my favorite, I'd probably have to go with Disneyland. The classics never get old.

  3. This is a neat park.I love the camels,what I don't like about them is they spit.We go to Kings Dominion because it is close and lots of good
    rides.These are nice pictures and glad you had a great time