Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Of ear aches and pink eye...

This weekend we had a oh-so fun excursion... both kids had really goopy eyes on Saturday and hubby took them to urgent care, to find out that both kids had bacterial pink eye, and Bok Boy had an ear infection also.

Now, several days later I must admit I'm about ready to give up on the antibiotic eyedrops (although don't worry, I won't). By now, both kids have to have drops in both eyes. Which means that I get to apply 8 eye drops at a time, every 4-6 hours! I'm ready to drop, and since Little Miss screams and gets hysterical every time, this is SO much fun!

Luckily hubby remembered to ask the doctor for pills for Bok Boy's ear infection, instead of liquid. Otherwise I'd get to deal with trying to keep him from sicking up his medicine every dose.

3 1/2 more days, 3 1/2 more days... then I swear they will never again need eye drops! (Please!)

Any ideas to make it easier? Thanks for the help!

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  1. my kids have never had ear aches thank God because they are terrible! hope everyone gets better soon!xo
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