Friday, June 18, 2010

My recent shopping spree...

I've been really REALLY good about not buying things for baby! Since we're on our third child, we've discovered that we don't need most of the stuff that first time parents are suckered into buying.

And, since I gave away almost everything we had baby-wise, I do need to stock up on the basics. Luckily for me, between a friend giving me hand-me-downs and my MIL buying baby clothes, I don't need much in the way of baby clothes (but how can you NOT buy any? Really? If you can get away with it, you're a much stronger person than I am!)

Anyways, yesterday I went to lunch with my best friend and we took a stroll through the nearby shopping center. Carter's Outlet was having a clearance sale (I know, bad bad!) but I bought these:

2 Sleep and Plays...$5.99 each
1 Onesie/Pants/Bib set... $5.99
Onesie/Dress set $5.99
4 pack of Burp Cloths $5.99

The burpies are the exact same ones I just added to my registry at Target (for $10.99), and our kids have always lived in Sleep and Plays (especially if hubby is dressing them, since he doesn't try to match an outfit together). Plus the dress can become a toddler shirt, and Carters seems to wash so much better than some other brands! So even though some of you don't think these are great deals, they're a perfect deal for me!

Okay, on to Ross. In the past I've never found much that truly excited me in the Ross baby department. This time around, they had a big clearance rack too!

Long Sleeve shirt/pants/bib set... $3.99
Emrboidered Onesie... $2.99
Softest blanket EVER...$6.99
2 packs of long sleeve white onesies... $1.99 each
Boppy with slipcover... $24.99

The white onesies are an absolute necessity (since MIL bought mostly tank-top style tops for baby through 6 months, which takes me to February!). The blanket I couldn't possibly pass up (I almost bought it in blue before I managed to find a purple one because I liked it so much!)

Also, the Boppy is one of the items on my REALLY want list (not my must have list) but they're so expensive now! They used to be $30 (pre-slipcover), now they're $30 for the white Boppy and $1o for each slipcover (So I saved $15, thus letting me buy everything else at Ross, lol!)

So while I'm not behaving as well as I was, I've gotten several necessities and feel like I got a good deal.

What's your favorite stores for awesome baby deals?

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  1. I like Carters too..Too bad we don't have a carters store here..