Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...

In my mind, leave them in the bush!!

Earlier tonight I heard a crazy squealing and went running into the kitchen figuring one of the kids was really hurt. Apparently Dozer the cat brought a bird into the house and let it go. So I had a bird flying around my pantry and crashing into everything! It took over 20 minutes for me to shoo him out of the pantry, but I couldn't catch him because he kept to the ceiling.

He flew all around the house, crashing into ceiling fans and finally flew behind a bookcase in the living room (it's angled across the corner, so there's space behind it). I thought it kicked the bucket, since it stopped making any noise but about an hour later I heard flapping.

I waited until I put the kids to bed before getting ready to empty the bookcase and unscrew it from the wall and planning to chase it again. Luckily for me my procrastination paid off and the bird flew out and landed on the floor, where I could throw a sheet over him and bring him outside.
The cat in question (on a homemade chaise) a couple of years ago.

Throughout the whole ordeal Little Miss was crying and hysterical (and too scared to go to bed), Bok Boy kept making meowing sounds, thinking it would scare the bird into doing what he wanted, and Scooter kept saying "quack" (her word for bird) in a super dejected voice and making sad faces. They're so helpful...

And hubby was super helpful too, his idea was to tie a rope around the cat and drop him behind the bookshelf to get the bird out! Now I get to do a full clean of the pantry and kitchen to get all the feathers and who-knows-what germs out of my food storage and prep areas!


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