Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm in a funk...

I'm in a funk, I have been for over a week. I feel blah and don't want to do anything. The little one has mostly been on top of me the past week, so it might not just be me, but I feel like I need a change.

I've been slacking on my walking lately, and now it's worse because I don't feel fit anymore, so I don't want to walk. It's a horrible circle! I need to just start walking again, I know I love doing it and once I start I'll want to walk all the time.

I'll be bugging my walking partner in the morning (assuming she's over the stomach flu, otherwise I'll go it alone!) Maybe that'll help me drag myself out of the pit of blah!

Do you ever get blah or feel uninspired? What helps you get out of it? I need ideas!

1 comment:

  1. I hear you. I have been in a funk lately too. I think it's the time of year. Back to school, it's getting colder. I often feel like I don't want to do anything but play board games with the kids and watch tv! I've fallen out of my workout routine again too. I plan to pick it back up this week. Hopefully it sticks for both of us and we both have wonderful weeks!