Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Help! I need ideas!

So in the past year we've gotten her potty trained and gotten rid of bottles. But the pacifier? Not so much. We're down to where she's only allowed to have it in bed, at night. But Scooter is obsessed!

For the older kids we got them down to night time only and they just lost interest. Scooter? She'll ask to go to bed anytime she wants her plug. I want it gone in the next couple weeks, but it's not looking good on our end.

I thought about doing the "Binkie Fairy" thing, but since the older kids still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa (or claim that they do), I don't want to add a new fairy to the mix and cause doubts.

So help this mama out and give me some ideas on how to get the plugs gone without traumatizing her (or causing a bunch of sleepless nights in our house).

*Just an FYI, this picture is really old and she only uses one at a time. She was playing around, so don't judge me, I just thought it was cute.


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