Friday, September 18, 2009

What do you get when you combine two kids and a whole bag of stickers?

In the process of doing crafts today, the kids rediscovered the Ziploc bag full of stickers I keep in the craft supplies. As a side note, I LOVE Ziploc bags for keeping kids' things organized!

Luckily for the kids (and me!) Bok Boy and Little Miss are pretty well trained about stickers. They're allowed on paper and on themselves. We do, of course, have the occasional problem and have to scrub stickers off tables or walls, but overall the kids are pretty good with them.

This time, Little Miss discovered the alphabet stickers, and since she's trying to learn to read, she was making words with them... On herself.

A whole sleeve worth!
While she didn't manage to spell much of anything, she did have a great time (and all of the stickers stayed on her and not on my walls or furniture!)

Now I just have to convince her that it won't feel good to wear them overnight, since she wants to sleep with them on. That would make for a very painful morning!

What fun things have your little ones done lately?


  1. Looks like your little girl enjoyed "wearing" the stickers on her arm. Just by reading your post, I could tell that she had loads of fun with the stickers. I'm wondering how you managed to convince her to take them off.=)

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