Thursday, March 18, 2010

EcoSMART Organic Insect Killer Review

I try to be green and eco-friendly, I really do. However, I don't always do as well as I'd like to. One of my biggest setbacks is trying to find bug killer and repellent that is eco-friendly, safe, and WORKS! We spend a great deal of time outside, hiking and camping, and I don't want to risk our health with nasty bug bites.

When EcoSMART contacted me and offered to let me try their organic insect killer, I jumped at the chance!


* Unique Patented Technology
* Safe around Children
* Safe around Pets
* Safe for the Environment
* No Toxic Residue
* Really works

And, it doesn't smell like bug killer! It smells like wonderful combinations of essential oils (which is what it is). No more complaining that the back porch smells like ant spray or crying when I put mosquito repellent on before a hike!

Not only that, EcoSMART has 100% FDA safe ingredients, and SAFE is allowed on the label by the EPA (unlike traditional bug killers, which have a huge list of reasons why they're not safe!)
EcoSMART sent me their Safe Picnic Value Bundle to try. It contains a 24 oz bottle of Home Pest Control, a 14 oz can of Flying Insect Killer, and 2-6oz bottles of Insect Repellent. Honestly, I'm most excited about the organic mosquito repellent, just because we use so much mosquito spray.

So after I danced around when I got these products, I went on a bug hunt... I never thought I'd do it (by choice) as a grownup, but I searched everywhere for bugs to kill around our house and yard. Sadly, it's March, and I didn't find much to kill. The couple bugs I did find died quickly though (and boy did it feel good!... Don't hate me please!)

EcoSMART carries multiple products, not just bug killer.

* Ant and Roach Killer
* Flying Insect Killer
* Wasp and Hornet Killer
* Insect Repellent
* Weed and Grass Killer
* Lawn Insect Killer
* Garden Insect Killer
* Garden Fungicide
* Home Pest Control

This way you can use their wonderful eco-friendly, safe products all over your house and yard!

Want to try them for yourself? Visit to purchase your own. OR you can check back here soon, as I'll be running a giveaway (thanks to EcoSMART).

Disclaimer: I received no monetary payment to write this posting.
I received the Safe Picnic Bundle from EcoSMART to sample and keep.
All of the opinions are strictly my own.

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