Monday, July 19, 2010

A quick update...

Hi all!

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. With the possibility of delivering at 38 weeks looming over my head, I figured I needed to get my act together when it comes to getting ready for baby. I must admit, I've never been one of those people who has a gorgeous, well-put together nursery ready for baby a month before baby's due. I'd love to have a gorgeous nursery, but we currently don't have room for one, so for the next few months baby is staying in our room in a bassinet.

Which also meant I had to find room for a set of drawers for her in our room (which involved gutting our room and closet). As of right now, the drawers are in, the room is organized, and all the baby clothes and blankets are washed. Whew! I'll haul the bassinet out of the garage soon and have hubby put it together and then we'll be pretty much ready to go.

The BIG news: baby has flipped! She decided to get with the program and switched to the head down, "locked and loaded" position (and no, locked and loaded is not the term my OB used, since hubby asks me that every time I say it!) S0 now we're back to 40-42 weeks for delivery date (since both my other two were quite late, I sort of expect this one to be the same).

Ultrasound last week moved the due date forward 3 days and put baby at 6lb, 8 oz (plus or minus a pound). All I can say is I hope it's minus a pound, not plus, and I hope she doesn't go 2 weeks late or she'll be HUGE!

I had a super baby shower yesterday, with 10 of my dearest friends at Buca di Beppo! We had an amazing lunch and visited together, which was the real reason behind the shower. I requested no games and all the "standard" baby shower stuff (we have done all of it before) and just had a nice lunch out.

I'm frantically getting ready for my upcoming Waiting for Baby event (which starts next week), so I probably won't post much this week either, as I'm writing the posts in advance for the event (in case I DO go into labor, you all will still have fun reviews and giveaways coming).

Have a great week, and remember, if you post my Waiting for Baby event button BEFORE the event starts, you'll receive 3 extra entries into all my event giveaways (and 2 extra for the Shell gift card giveaway!)

Waiting for Baby Event at Sanity is for those without children


  1. Having the baby nearby in a bassinet is a perfect way to begin!

  2. Too bad you don't have room for a gorgeous nursery but as long as you have the baby close and safe that's all that counts.

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  4. Locked and loaded is a great way to say it. lol

    I've known very few people that actually get a nursery all set up and decorated for their baby. They usually just set up the crib (or bassinet) and call it good. Nothing wrong with that. Especially when you already have two kids to take care of.