Monday, July 5, 2010

To my stubborn, stubborn baby...

My darling little girl,

I'm at 35 weeks today, expecting to see you in 5-7 weeks (since your big brother and sister were both close to two weeks late). All through this pregnancy I've said how different you are than my other pregnancies, since I haven't been miserably sick through the whole 40 weeks like I have in the past.

So I shouldn't have been surprised at my last OB appointment when my doctor said you were breech. Breech! How can that possibly be? Delivery has always been easy in the past, but you're definitely different! Not only that you're sort of footling breech (with your body more sideways than in this picture).

So now I just have to convince you to turn around on your own. I have 3 weeks to convince you before I have to deal with intervention of some sort. I've tried giving you a stern talking-t0, music, different positions, and even the cat helps (he likes to sit on top of my belly and you kick him!)

So far, you're being very very stubborn! If you haven't turned in 3 weeks, we're going to meet you a whole month earlier than I planned! At 38 weeks, doctor's going to try to turn you and then if you're still stubborn you'll be born c-section.

Please, please turn for mommy! I'd love to meet you the old-school way!

(P.S. Do any of my wonderful readers have ideas on how to get this baby to turn? I'll try most anything if it's safe!)


  1. Have you heard of Spinning Babies? Check out these may help. :o)