Monday, January 7, 2013

13 things to do in 2013...

Okay, so I've never been a resolution person (because frankly, what's the point when you're going to break them anyways and then feel bad about it!) but I recently saw someone post a list of 13 things to do in 2013. I can get behind lists!

Some of my items are sort of like a resolution, some are one time things, some are daily or weekly, and some are just for fun. Plus I won't restrict myself to 13... if I figure out more I'll add them as I go.

0. Write this list (not as easy as I thought it would be!)
1. Potty train Scooter (aka my little one)
2. Be more patient
3. Bake regularly (bread, not treats!)
4. Use my Crockpot at least weekly
5. Walk more again (I fell out of the habit so far this winter)
6. Take more time out for this blog!
7. Drink more water
8. Get Scooter out of our room and into Little Miss' room
9. Stay better organized
10. Get back to serving at least 2 veggies per meal
11. Be more positive
12. Go to 3 places I've never been before (cities/states/countries, not stores!)
13. Spend more time outside

What about you? If you made a list of 13 things, what would be on your list?

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  1. I have at least six of these on my list too. And by list I mean the ideas flitting around my head; I haven't actually written down anything. I like the idea of visiting three new places though. I'll have to add that! Best of luck:)