Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Crafts and Treats

Just after Thanksgiving I discovered Pinterest (thanks to my fellow bloggers!) Since then I've spent WAY too much time doing crafts and cooking!

Here's a few of the fun things we did with winter themes... you still have time to enjoy them this year, or pin them for next year.

Use marbles (or foil balls) to make cupcake snowmen. This also works for hearts at Valentine's Day!

Sorry for the bad pic, but I was rushing to finish them before my Girl Scouts got there. The original pic (in a magazine) had coconut on them, which would cover up some of the flaws :-)

These sleighs are quick to make with a hot glue gun. I stuck money/gift cards in them and gave them as gifts so that people would have more as a gift than a gift card!

These snowflakes were popular with both grown ups and kids! Take a flour tortilla, fold it and cut a snowflake out of it. Lightly butter and cover with cinnamon sugar, then bake until crispy. Taste, edible snowflakes!

To finish it off, here's how San Francisco City Hall dresses up for the holidays:

and my dishwasher thinks it's Santa:

(it flashes Ho Ho Ho while it runs)!


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