Monday, July 2, 2012

July Walking Goal and Breakdown

Okay, so my June goal (for the second half of June) was slightly over 7000 steps a day (to make it a nice round number). I averaged almost 7800 steps a day! However, because of lazy days I have other days with LOTS of walking. But I'm definitely getting more fit, and now I get fidgety if I don't walk enough in a day!

My goal for July is 8500 steps a day, which is 263,500 steps for the month. Could be interesting because of some vacations we have planned to HOT areas, but I'm going to do my darndest to make it!

July 1: 5159 steps. I was totally shocked, since I spent 9 hours in the car! Apparently packing and loading the car is a lot of walking. And the fun thing is we get to do it again VERY soon...

July 2: 8032 steps. Hanging out with the in-laws, went to see Brave and walked to the park and back after dinner.

July 3: 6917 steps. Playing with the kids.

July 4: 8303 steps. Apparently walking the Independence Day festival was a lot of steps! Too bad the festival was pretty lame...

July 5: 4684 steps. So it seems like wine tasting tours don't involve much walking, especially with a chauffeur! But boy was it fun...

July 6: 3362 steps. Hanging out with the in-laws means not much movement.

July 7: 6667 steps. Packing and leaving to drive home. I'm still shocked at how much walking is involved with packing suitcases!

July 8: 6536 steps. We didn't get home until 4am, so I definitely didn't get any extra walking in.

July 9: 3370 steps. Totally lazy day! Princesa misses her big brother and sister (and all the spoiling from the grandparents), so she's been literally attached to me all day!

July 10: 6284 steps. We took a walk down to Walgreens (pretty much solely to get a walk in), but it's too hot to do much else!

July 11: 4548 steps. It's crazy hot outside and I don't want to so anything!

July 12: 5928 steps. Cleaning house because we're having game night tomorrow!

July 13: 5234 steps. Still cleaning house, canning pepper jelly and playing games until the wee hours of the morning.

July 14: 4768 steps. We drove own to Pismo Beach to pick up the kids from my in-laws (meeting halfway between the two houses and getting a beach weekend out of it :-)

July 15: 3603 steps. Driving home from Pismo Beach, and I messed up my knee badly. Note: Do not stand outside your car and lean across your seat to get something if it's windy. The door will slam on your leg and jack up your knee!

July 16: 2873 steps.  I spent the whole day with my knee propped up and iced.

July 17: 4938 steps. Slowly starting to move around, but my knee is swollen and can barely hold weight.

July 18: 5434 steps. Still messed up.

July 19: 5405 steps. I've been babying my knee so much that now my other one hurts (and my back is sore too).

July 20: 5326 steps. Hanging around the house and driving the kids to summer camp.

July 21: 5648 steps. We had Lego Saturday, so I spent the day on the floor building Legos.

July 22: 3547 steps. So sore it hurts to walk. I'm definitely not going to reach my goal this month, but with my knees so messed up it's not going to happen.

July 23: 7432 steps. Slowly trying to work my way back to walking. We'll see.

July 24: 7133 steps. Achy and sore but I have to keep at it.

July 25: 3939 steps. The kids are fighting like mad, so nothing fun is happening.

July 26: 2623 steps. Sat with ice on both knees. I threw out my other knee favoring the hurt one.

July 27: 6870 steps. Shopping for baby stuff with my best friend. Nice to visit but I'm exhausted and hurting!

July 28: 6234 steps. Started working on the craft closet (post to follow).

July 29: 8081 steps. Finished the craft closet! Now to finish organizing!

July 30: 4396 steps. Organized a metric boatload of craft supplies. I have enough to start a school!

July 31: 6022 steps. Finishing the cleanup from the craft closet and gathering things to paint my bedroom.

Total of 169296 steps for the month, with a goal of 263500. I knew it would be a tough month because of a week of vacation (where it's hot and my MIL feeds us constantly), but messing up my knees (which have been a problem since high school) really threw it off. Hopefully next month will be better.


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