Friday, June 29, 2012

Our 6 mile journey...

With 6 kids, 4 scooters and 2 strollers...

An awesome friend of mine and I took our kids for a 6+ mile hike/walk today. We were all wiped out when it was over, but it was an AMAZING hike!

 Sadly it's kind of brown here now (like it is all over the western half of the US!)

We found this palm tree growing UNDER the 101 freeway! In an area with almost no sunlight. It's amazing what plants can do, especially since I still manage to kill every one I touch!

 We found two of these little shacks
which had these inside them. Any ideas what they are???
 And I'm imagining someone running along behind their horse with a GIANT blue poop bag! wowzas!

What great hikes have you taken lately?


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