Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Walking Breakdown

Okay, so here's the breakdown of walking, I'll update it daily (hopefully).

6/12: 6,485 steps. I was truly amazed, since I'm sunburned and miserable from the beach on Monday and literally sat for a good portion of the day. I of course did dishes and 5 loads of laundry, a trip to Target and taking the kids to music lessons. But still, even on a lazy day I almost reached 7000 steps! Big walking day tomorrow, so tomorrow's numbers will be way better. But I think I'm going to have to raise my goal if it's going to keep me motivated!

6/13: 16,567 steps! That's almost 8.5 miles! A friend and I took our kids for a walk to a park in Campbell, picnicked and played, then walked back. Turns out the walk was over 2.5 miles each way! I was shocked at how little whining I heard from my kids... normally at about the 3 mile mark they start asking "Are we there yet?" or "How much longer?" We had a blast, and apparently an hour playing in the park makes the walk easier. Pushing the very loaded stroller up those hills wasn't fun though!

6/14: 6787 steps. Makes me wonder if it stopped working, because I seemed to walk around a lot more than I did Tuesday. I don't know if all pedometers do this, but this one only starts counting if you have 10 or more consecutive steps. Makes a lot of my housework not count :-(

6/15: 7450 steps. Okay so it's definitely not working :-( I walked over a mile today in one stretch and it counted less than 200 steps, instead of the 2000 it should've counted. But I was going to make darn sure that I reached that 7000, so I was doing step aerobics at 11:30pm to reach it!

6/16: 4100 steps. 96 degrees outside today. It's too hot to do anything!

6/17: 5779 steps. Still not working right, I bought a cheap one until I decided which one to replace this one with (and send it back of course), and that one worked even worse than the current broken one!

6/18: 9248 steps. Got a new pedometer that seems to work(ish), but the kids and I took a 3 miles walk to Walgreens to pick up some Gatorade since Princesa had a stomach bug and then to 7-11 for Slurpees (as bribery for the kids for the long walk, since they didn't get a park break in the middle).

6/19: 10935 steps. Walked to the park with the kids (and discovered that very few of those streets have sidewalks. Luckily it's a pretty quiet neighborhood so I felt safe most of the way, but next time we may try walking to a different park instead.

6/20: 10855 steps. We went to Great America! I couldn't wear the pedometer for about half of the time we were there, since I was too wet to safely wear it :-) We had a blast but it's a LOT of work to take 3 kids to Great America, especially when they're all different heights (so they need to ride all different rides!) And I'm more than halfway done with my step goal!

6/21: 4237 steps. Lazy day (walking-wise anyways!) We visited family, got haircuts, ran errands, went to Girl Scouts and karate... We left the house at 11 and came home at 8! But yet I still only walked 4200 steps. Probably logged 100 miles on my car though!

6/22: 12670 steps. Went for a 4.4 mile walk on Penitencia Creek Trail. Nice, smooth trail for strollers, except for all the road crossings (and we're talking major roads!) Plus the playground at the turnaround point was SO broken down it was sad!

6/23: 8095 steps. Started out as a lazy day, went to the library with hubby and the kids. Then we decided to hit Ikea at 8pm. Shopping there then unloading all of the boxes added a TON of steps!

6/24: 7181 steps. Spent most of the day building bookcases for the game closet, then unpacking like 25 boxes of board games and Legos! And it's not half done yet... perhaps we have a problem!

6/25: 3175 steps. Visiting family and running errands doesn't add up. Plus I'm feeling mighty blah!

6/26: 3765 steps. Still feeling blah. I need something to pick me up!

6/27: 8179 steps. The kids and I went to Great America again. So I probably had a few thousand more, but I don't have a waterproof pedometer so I take it off to be safe. I may actually make my goal, less than 9500 steps left and 3 days to do it in!!

6/28: 5238 steps. Running errands, getting new tires, fun fun!

6/29: 17338 steps. 6 mile hike with the kids! That's over 8.5 miles total! Woohoo! Total for two weeks is 148,084 steps, beating my goal by 9000 steps with a day to go! I can't wait to see what July will bring...

6/30: 6117 steps. Finished building book shelves and unpacked more boxes! Slow day for walking but I got a lot done!


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