Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So sometimes obsessions are good...

In the past when I've had an obsession it usually revolved around chocolate. Or licorice. Or gum. Or Lifesavers. Can you sense a theme?

A week ago I bought a pedometer and posted a goal here on my blog. Now I'm truly obsessed with my pedometer and checking my number of steps. I know there are days that it's not going to happen, days when the baby is sick (like Sunday) or when I'm too sunburned and there's no way I can get any decent number of steps in. I understand that.

But man do I love keeping track of my steps! And when my pedometer went on the fritz, I ran around to get another one immediately. I couldn't even wait for Amazon one day shipping! Now I have one that seems to work at least reasonably well, and FINALLY it counts all the steps around the house. The old one only started counting after 10 steps without pause, and basically nothing around the house counted. Think about vacuuming, picking up toys, chasing toddlers, picking up toys, cooking dinner. Almost all of those things make you pause before 10 steps, so they don't count. I know it's not aerobic walking, but it's still steps, and it's more than 3000 a day according to my new pedometer (I'm currently wearing 2 at a time... I know, I know!)

Oh and as a side benefit I've lost almost 10 pounds in the last couple months without doing anything else! Downside is I'm getting huge biceps thanks to pushing a loaded stroller around on my walks. I need to slim down, not bulk up!


  1. Hehehe I get obsessive as well. Not with the pedometer though because as soon as I acquire one someone liberates it (they haven't resorted to stealing them off my person yet, but I bet they would).
    Congrats on the weight loss.

  2. That's great that you're tracking your movements with the pedometer. It makes you aware of the exercise you get during the day. I garden quite a bit, which is more of a work out than you might think!

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