Wednesday, August 4, 2010

39 Weeks, 2 Days Update

"Nope, no baby yet..." I'm already getting so sick of saying that, and I still have 5 days until my due date (which for me probably means 1 1/2-2 weeks before baby day!) Apparently almost everyone I know thinks that this time I'll go early instead of late? Oh well, so is life when you're 27 months pregnant!

At last week's checkup my blood pressure was high. It was just above normal range, but my BP is normally quite low, so my OB was concerned. He told me to relax and showed me that purposely relaxing myself lowered both my pulse and my BP significantly (in fact, he was having fun with how quickly I could do it). So he put me under orders to relax as much as possible, even trying to convince me to bring in some of my post-baby help now to help with the kids. Of course, since then the kids have been bickering constantly!

At today's appointment the nurse couldn't even find my BP at first! Then when she found it it was way too low. 3rd time she finally got a normal reading. Baby is still high and I'm under doctor's orders not to go into labor this weekend, as he's out of town.

On the kidlet front, we ran into a friend today and did a spontaneous playdate at the park. A couple hours later, both kids were exhausted and Little Miss had to be stripped down for the car ride home thanks to a sand area with a water faucet.

Believe it or not, this is the cleanest article of clothing that she was wearing! I used to always have spare clothes in the car for days like this but stopped when the kids were around 3 or 4. Apparently I need to get back in the habit!


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