Saturday, August 14, 2010

Waiting for Baby Event... Happy Blankie Review

I recently discovered Happy Blankie, an amazing company who makes adorable, super soft blankies. They're satiny on the back and a plush "minky" fabric on the front.

We received Stomp the frog to review, and the fighting has already started in our house! This blankie is supposed to be for baby, but both Bok Boy and Little Miss have been caught using it recently because it's so snuggly!

We received the small size, which is 18x18". Happy Blankie also offers medium at 36x36" and large at 48x56. We may need to buy a large one so all the kids can fit under it together!

Happy Blankie also offers personalization, in block or script font and in 13 different colors.

My very favorite thing about Happy Blankie is the fact that they have a One to Love, One to Give program! When you buy one blanket, you're actually buying two: one for you and one for a child in a hospital or orphanage! Not only that, the founder of Happy Blankie (who came up with the One to Love, One to Give program) is a child! I love the fact that a child was the one who wanted to share with others!

Want one of your own? Buy one for yourself or someone you love (and one to give!) at


  1. They are both cute, but I really like the Pink Piggy!
    Just adorable!
    Novelty Pens

  2. Thank you for the review. I have a soft spot for pigs and pig related items. I might have to get one for my daughter.

  3. So cute! I love the pig but I usually get items that are green, so the frog it is for me... and bless that child who started One to Love, One to Give.