Tuesday, August 17, 2010

41 Weeks 1 Day Update

Well, from the title it's obvious that I'm still cooking a baby!

I've been having contractions since Friday morning (ugh!) By Friday afternoon they were 5 min apart but mild. Went to the hospital and got sent home. By Friday night they were 3 min apart but still mild and they continued all night.

Saturday morning they stopped and then started again by afternoon, getting stronger. Since then they've continued, stopping for several hours, then starting back up erratically, then finally finding a steady rhythm at about 6 or 7 min apart, strong enough to make me stop what I'm doing but never progressing beyond that.

The doctor seems to think that all these contractions are a good thing (obviously he's never been in labor for 5 days before!) and he says it bodes well for an induction tomorrow morning.

I've never before had contractions for more than 12 or so hours, and I have to say "this sucks!" Hopefully we'll get to meet our very very stubborn baby tomorrow!


  1. Wondering how it's going?? You must have your little one by now- congrats! I am trying to keep my twins in- as I am only 28 weeks and on bedrest. Anyhow- just wondering about you and wishing you and your family well!

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