Tuesday, August 10, 2010

40 Weeks, 1 Day Update...

Well, following in her sibling's footsteps, baby is still happily ensconced inside me. According to my doctor, I'm "right on time for me," since I always run late. We are moving in the right direction though, with my cervix finally starting to open a bit. No contractions, and strangely enough I'm not exhausted.

In fact, quite the opposite... I've been nesting like mad for almost 2 weeks now! I've cleaned and organized the underside of bathroom cabinets (which is SO not like me!), and it's just gone downhill from there. I want my house clean but don't want to clean it... I talked my mom into cleaning the oven and hubby into cleaning the showers (both because of the chemical fumes!)
But organizing? That's like chocolate to me right now! I have an overwhelming urge to shred old bills and donate books and dvds to the library. I literally cannot manage to sit at my computer for more than a few minutes (and I can happily sit for hours normally if I have no interruptions). I've been struggling with the Waiting for Baby event because although I prepped many posts beforehand, I figured I'd be worn out and wanting to sit, and instead I can't stand my computer!

What's a girl to do? I know! I'll go bundle cables and cords and label them!

Oh, and I should probably pack my hospital bag one of these days.... hubby keeps reminding me that I DO need to do that!

Off to organize...

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